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  • Technical information
  • Material composition and treatments
  • Weight and dimensions
  • Logistic
  • Classification and data ordering
Minimum operating temperature
-50   °C
Maximum operating temperature
150   °C
Spy hole
Narrow connection
Bend angle of the connection
0   °
Number of holes on the palm
Markings found
factory mark; cembre catalogue number
Geometry of the clamping element
hex socket wrench
Reference standard
IEC 61238
Maximum operating voltage
52000   V
Grease inside the barrel
Type of grease inside the barrel
Number of clamping elements
Torque of the clamping element
35   Nm
Centering devices
Conductor body material
Alluminum with purity above 99,5 %
Minimum thickness of the surface coating of the conducting body
12   µm
Surface treatment of the conductor body
tin plating
Internal surface of the barrel
Clamping element material
Centering device material
polyamide PA6
Palm width
35   mm
Center distance between the palm hole and the outer edge of the eyelet
17.5   mm
Center distance between the palm hole and the transition point
32.5   mm
Center distance between the palm hole and the outer edge of the barrel
106.5   mm
Center distance between holes
0   mm
Spanner size
22   mm
Total length
124   mm
Inner diameter of the barrel
20.5   mm
Cable stripping length
69   mm
Outer diameter of barrel
35   mm
Type of packaging
; box
Unit in minimal packaging
1   PCE
Unit in standard packaging
10   PCE
Minimum order quantity
1   PCE
Customs code
ETIM Class 7
Screw cable lug [EC001054]
Manufactured in

tipo Number of centering devices Centering device color Screw diameter ØD [mm] Range of cable cross section [mm²] Gross weight [g]
ML95-240-12C 3 red; blue; yellow M12 13 95 ÷ 240 244,980
ML95-240-16C 3 red; blue; yellow M16 17.5 95 ÷ 240 249,000
ML150-240-12C 2 blue; yellow M12 13 150 ÷ 240 247,200
ML150-240-16C 2 blue; yellow M16 17.5 150 ÷ 240 243,590

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